Titanic’s Bow Laid in Lahardane

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                                            Titanic’s Bow laid in Lahardane
Saturday, 28th January 2012, was another memorable day in the history of RMS Titanic’s
association with Ireland’s Titanic Village. A new excuse was coined in Lahardane: “Sorry I’m late. I was travelling behind Titanic”.

Lahardane is busily preparing for the centenary of Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage when fourteen from Addergoole parish were steerage passengers, and eleven perished when the big ship that hit an iceberg back in April 1912 and sank some two hours later.

Just before midday on Saturday Mark Rode’s 12ft sculpture of Titanic’s bow arrived. The
ship’s name and its huge anchors are clearly visible on the splendid bow. Michael Garrett, Joseph Reilly, Mark Rode and others skilfully positioned the bow on its final mooring base in the Addergoole Titanic Memorial Park at the centre of the village.

Installing the memorial plaques with Addergoole’s Titanic story, and the effigies of the
parish’s Titanic travellers will be the next tasks, so that all is completed in the village for the Mayo
Titanic Cultural Week
Participate in Mayo’s Titanic activities. Don’t miss Ballina Drama Society’s Titanic play
“Names upon the Water” at the Ballina Arts Centre, 3rd – 7th April.
Come to Lahardane during the Mayo Titanic Cultural Week, 8th – 15th April.
Visit http://www.mayo-titanic.com for updates on the Mayo Titanic Cultural Week.

—- ENDS —-
Three pictures of Mark Rode’s sculpture of RMS Titanic’s Bow accompany this release (courtesy
Michael Coleman Whitethorn Studios), and one of the signage, Ireland’s Titanic Village (courtesy
KM Noone Photography), both of Lahardane Co Mayo Ireland.
For further information contact: info@Addergoole-Titanic.com .

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