“The Titanic Rescue” and “Emigration” Windows

The Addergoole Titanic Society has spent countless hours, evenings and nights debating how best to commemorate the lives of the fourteen people who left the village of Lahardane, emigrating to the United States aboard the RMS Titanic in April 1912. Eleven of the Addergoole Fourteen perished on the tragic night of 14 April 1912.

The installation of “Emigration” and “The Titanic Rescue” Windows is an important aspect of the Addergoole Titanic Society‘s commemorative plans. This has included the erection in April 2011 of village signage “Ireland’s Titanic Village”, the production of book on the Addergoole Fourteen story, the creation of the Mayo Titanic memorial park in the village of Lahardane and the Mayo Titanic Culture Week 8 – 15 April 2012.

The actual stained glass layout, cutting and construction was undertaken “Damien” at Art Glass Derry under the watchful eyes of owners Sinead and Philip Coyle who have recently won the project for recreating the Glass dome of the first class staircase in the Titanic in the Belfast Titanic building.

The design of the “Emigration” and “The Titanic Rescue” Windows was created by Michael Coleman of Whitethorn Studios. He was asked by the Addergoole Titanic Society (A.T.S) to visualize the thoughts and ideas of the Addergoole Titanic Society and the story of Addergoole Fourteen and the history of the Parish of Addergoole, Co.Mayo.

The following are his own words:

“A decision was made to dedicate two stained glass windows to Addergoole Fourteen and to the theme of Emigration. Emigration has shaped the present community, stretching back decades and centuries ensuring that all those in the community of the village of Lahardane and the country of Ireland have all been touched by it”

“I have dedicated my time to assist the A.T.S. members in visualising their feelings and realising the memorial to their ancestors involved in emigration and the Titanic maritime disaster”

“Being a blow-in from America and living in the West of Ireland for twenty plus years has given me the advantage of seeing Addergoole Parish from a distance as well as up close and personal”

“A composite image of the western life and land shows the multi-faceted characteristics of this community’s ancestors; the lives they worked through, danced to, and left behind through emigration”

“Two stained glass windows, one entitled “Emigration” and the other “The Titanic Rescue“, an account of the fourteen parish individuals aboard that ship, required research with an eye for detail as well as respect toward those who perished and those who survived”

“Fortunately, present day relations of the Addergoole Fourteen have kept this story committed to memory. Although that tale may appear in tones of black and white for you and I, the challenge for me was to colour those memories in the brilliance of stained glass”

“Throughout the stained glass windows project, I found myself surrounded by rough design layouts, short-listed concept drawings, books, antique photos and final comprehensive colour renderings”

“However, it was not until the installation workers pulled back their scaffolds and ladders from the Church windows that I realised my artistic involvement had placed the Addergoole Fourteen story in the very heart of this western Irish community, St. Patrick’s R.C. Church”

The Mayo Titanic Cultural Week will open the heart of the folk of Addergoole Parish to the rest of Ireland for one week and hopefully be shared for generations to come”.

3 thoughts on ““The Titanic Rescue” and “Emigration” Windows

  1. This was a great work of writing. The windows are beautiful. The story should never be forgotten. I have never re-blogged anything before (not sure if I know how), but I am going to re-blog this.
    Thank you so much, great job.

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