The Titanic Village of Lahardane and the Parish of Addergoole, (Latitude: 53.401043° N, Longitude: 8.307638° W) lies some six miles South East of the town of CrossmolinaCounty Mayo, Ireland, some 23 miles north of the Mayo’s county town of Castlebar. The parish mainly comprises of townlands that lie between the western shore of Lough Conn and beautiful foothills surrounding Nephin Mountain.

The Parish of Addergoole includes the three small villages of Glenhest, Boffeenaun and Lahardane, the Titanic Village. The latter is regarded as the largest of the three. It is in the village of Lahardane where the Mayo Titanic Memorial Park is currently under construction as part of the Addergoole Titanic Society’s centenary plan to commemorate the Addergoole Fourteen who had traveled aboard the RMS Titanic.

Use Pan and Zoom to find your own location, and Refresh Map if the marker for Lahardane Village is not showing.

Brief History: 

‘The parish of Addergoole derives its name from the town land of Addergoole which had another name, Knockmaria, and it gave its name to the parish of Addergoole’s old name was Dargivillachon and part of its name is derived from Eadar Gabhall Locha Chon the name given to the two forks of Lough Conn in the vicinity’.

The earliest reference to the parish was in Pope Innocent’s letter of 1198. Addergoole was referred to as Eadargavillochon. It is referenced in papal documents from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and refers to the endowment attached to the church in Knockmaria. According to Ordinance Survey letters referenced by both historians Tony Donohoe and Eddie MacHale the boundary of the parish.

“…to run from Lough Conn east to Barngeehy (Windy Gap) in Addergoole, from this it then goes to Birren Corra and Townakeel and Triste from which it comes to Ballybrenogue…the next territory is Glenhest, which is said to be bounded by Beltra lake…”.

Tomas G. O’Cannan has said that the boundaries of the parish are hemmed in on three sides by geographical features, by Lough Conn to the East, Mount Nephin to the West and Birrencorragh Mountains to the South.

Finn’s Paradise

Mount Nephin, Cnoc Neimhthinneis the highest peak of the Nephin range reaching a height of eight hundred and six metres. It is believed it derived its name form Nemed, a mythical ancestor of Na Fir Bolg and the Tuatha De Danann. Another explanation is the name Nephin is derived from Neamh-Finn of Neimh-Finn, ‘Finns Paradise’.

Sources: Canon Eddie MacHale, The Parishes of the Diocese of Killala (Killala, 1985), Tony Donohoe, Addergoole Its Land and People (Crossmolina, 2000), Hubert, T. Knox, The History of the County Mayo, To the Close of the Sixteenth Century (Dublin, 1908), ”Historical Note of the Medieval Territory of Gleann Neimhthinne”, Tomas G. O Cannan, ”Cathair na Mart” 20.

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