Disparity in Population Decline in Ireland

 ´What makes an emigrant? What are the pressures which drive a young man or woman from the townland of his birth and his family pathetically equipped mentally, to try and make a living in an alien mileau…Every man has his own story, every girl her own reason.´[i]

                                                                                         John Healy Continue reading

Irish Emigration: Not such a simple story

“Certainly for all our assertions of patriotic love of country we have repeatedly proven that, given free access to any country with a standard of living higher than our own, we will readily relocate”

Professor Liam Ryan Continue reading

“The Titanic Rescue” and “Emigration” Windows

The Addergoole Titanic Society has spent countless hours, evenings and nights debating how best to commemorate the lives of the fourteen people who left the village of Lahardane, emigrating to the United States aboard the RMS Titanic in April 1912. Eleven of the Addergoole Fourteen perished on the tragic night of 14 April 1912. Continue reading

Part 2. Saved or Perished? RMS Titanic, Mayo relatives anxious wait

This is article Two of Two, entitled “Saved or Perished? RMS Titanic, Irish relatives anxious wait”. Please see article One for background and context.

“We used get the paper and I used to read the paper for me grandfather. He’d hear all the news then. He’d sit down and I’d read the paper. Lord, it was terrible!” Continue reading

Part 1. Saved or Perished? RMS Titanic, Mayo relatives and their anxious wait

‘Liverpool, 4.30 p.m. Tuesday. Referring to your telegram re Titanic, deeply regret to say that latest word received is steamer foundered; about 675 souls, mostly women and children, saved’

Connaught Telegraph, 20 April 1912

How did the relatives of all those Irish aboard the RMS Titanic learn of the fate of their loved ones? Continue reading

Lahardane: Commemorative Stained Glass Windows

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St Patrick’s Church Lahardane gets two new windows, With the themes ‘Titanic Rescue’ and ‘Emigration’. Recently a dream became a reality with the installation of two specially commissioned stained glass windows in our local church. Continue reading

Titanic Shipping Agents: Lobbying for Help

It is apparent that the two agents who sold the Addergoole Fourteen their tickets for trans-Atlantic passage aboard the RMS Titanic inadvertently became their advocates in lobbying for relief funds from the official fund established by the Lord Mayor of London. The lengths to which both shipping agents, Mr Thomas Durcan and Mrs Walsh of Castlebar, were admirable. The Addergoole Fourteen had booked their tickets with the two shipping agents some time before: Continue reading