Titanic’s Bow Laid in Lahardane

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                                            Titanic’s Bow laid in Lahardane
Saturday, 28th January 2012, was another memorable day in the history of RMS Titanic’s
association with Ireland’s Titanic Village. A new excuse was coined in Lahardane: “Sorry I’m late. I was travelling behind Titanic”. Continue reading

World and Local Sympathy: RMS Titanic 1912

Waiting to see who survived

“We deplore the loss of so many of our boys and girls, and we sincerely trust that the days is at hand when they will find employment at home under a Home Rule Government, and not be compelled to risk the danger which confronts them by seeking employment in foreign lands”

Western People, 27 April 1912

The disastrous sinking of the RMS Titanic was a world event. The community in the Titanic Village of Lahardane, of the parish of Addergoole, and relatives of the Addergoole Fourteen faced an endless wait to receive a final confirmation of those who had survived and those who had perished. Continue reading

Titanic Relief Fund

Lahardane Village 1910 - Leonard Collection

An open letter from the parish priest of Lahardane, the Rev.J.J.Kelly, was printed in the Connaught Telegraph directly a few months after the sinking of the RMS Titanic. It is important as it indicates the dire predicament that families of those who had perished.

‘These poor young people left their native homes full of hope that they would soon be able to relieve the distress of their parents, who have tired in vain to support themselves and their families on small uneconomic holdings – mostly reclaimed bog. The conditions of the parents of those who went down with the Titanic from this district is now better imagined than described’

Connaught Telegraph, 1 June 1912 Continue reading

1912 Emigration was an Investment

Titanic Third Class ticket

“The Titanic when she was built was meant to make history. It never occurred to anyone – not even to her builders or her owners that she was destined to make history so suddenly and so certainly”

Belfast Evening Telegraph, 16 April 1912

On the evening of the 15 April 1912 the Belfast Evening Telegraph broke the news of the tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic. The loss of eleven parishioners from Addergoole, though not straight away known, was not just a human tragedy but it also brought to the fore fears that would be reminiscent of times past. The loss of eleven members of the group called the Addergoole Fourteen plunged many families  into economic uncertainty. Continue reading