Titanic Relief Fund

Lahardane Village 1910 - Leonard Collection

An open letter from the parish priest of Lahardane, the Rev.J.J.Kelly, was printed in the Connaught Telegraph directly a few months after the sinking of the RMS Titanic. It is important as it indicates the dire predicament that families of those who had perished.

‘These poor young people left their native homes full of hope that they would soon be able to relieve the distress of their parents, who have tired in vain to support themselves and their families on small uneconomic holdings – mostly reclaimed bog. The conditions of the parents of those who went down with the Titanic from this district is now better imagined than described’

Connaught Telegraph, 1 June 1912

In response to the dire needs of their friends and neighbours a relief committee was established in Lahardane, the Titanic Village,  under the chairmanship of Rev.J.J.Kelly. Other members of the committee were Rev.J.Davis, secretary, Mr. P.Carney, acting treasurer and Mr J.Pratt, J.P.,D.L; T.Jordan, D.C.:J.McHale, Patrick.Philbin and William Barrett. An open appeal for subscriptions was made noting it had received a £5 donation from the Bishop of Killala. Unfortunately as of yet no material evidence of the activities of the committee have been located.

the loss of the eleven of the Addergoole Fourteen had financial repercussions for those who lived elsewhere than the parish of Addergoole. The loss of Delia Mahon left her close friend [name unknown as of now] in dire economic distress as she was also supporting her family in Ireland by sending remittances home.

“Red Cross report from 1913, ‘No.289. (Irish) A housemaid, 19 years of age, was lost. She left a widowed mmother and three children in Ireland, and was coming on a ticket purchased by a girlfriend, hoping to be able to do more for her mother when at work. The committee paid the cost of the ticket to the friend, who could ill afford to lose the amount, as she was herself assisting her family. English Committee gave £60 to the mother ($40)'”

Senan Malony, The Irish Aboard Titanic

(I am seeking information on the workings of the English Relief committee to confirm or dis-confirm which family member received relief funds)

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